Roastbox is a speciality coffee subscription service. A small team of experts dedicated to helping you brew outstanding coffee at your home or in your office. We believe it’s easy to make a better cup in your kitchen than you’ll get at some of the best cafes, and for a fraction of the cost. We carefully source and select the finest coffees from roasters within the UK who roast the beans fresh before shipping them your way.

Each month, subscribers receive coffees from up to three different roasters from all over the country. The coffee you receive each month will be dictated by which UK Coffee Roasters we deem are currently producing the best coffee. It will also be determined by coffee seasons and growing worldwide, and thus delivering the finest and freshest coffees of the period.

By providing different roast options, you are given an opportunity to explore different tastes, before staying loyal to the one that most suits your taste. The majority of coffee drinkers are unaware of the various types of coffee and how different the taste and strength of a particular roast can be.

Simply put, we are coffee experts. It’s our job to finely select the best UK Coffee Roasts so that you can experience the very best with the least amount of hassle. We continue to taste and evaluate more than 5 different coffees every month from different independant roasters across the country and if we believe there is a better roast out there, we will change up our three roast options every six months, or just add it to our list. We hand select the most delicious and unique single origin coffees from each of the independent roasters we choose.

At Roastbox it’s our philosophy to not only sell the best coffee, but to to help educate you about the best coffee and how best to brew it.

Subscribers will become exclusive Roastbox members, providing VIP access and first refusal to exclusive production runs and special release coffees.

+ You have a choice of bean or grind type when picking your subscription.

+ Coffee subscriptions will be shipped on the last Thursday of every month.

+ All shipping and handling costs are included in the subscription package price.

From as little as £10.99 per month, you receive a box filled with a minimum of one 250 gram pack of hand crafted coffee. The quantity is enough to make a minimum of 15-18 cups of coffee per month (based on 12-15g servings). You can even choose your grind type to suit your home brewing methods, or whole bean if you like to grind your own.

We aim to deliver your Roastbox through your postbox within 2-5 working days of you placing your order (depending on the payment option you choose. Direct debit set ups take just a little longer than card payments). In your Roastbox you will find between one to four 250g pouches (depending on your subscription level) of premium single origin coffee from a selection of three different artisan roasters. Within each Roastbox we will also include some information about the roaster, as well as tasting notes so that we can educate and help you can get the best from your drink.

Brew up your coffee(s); review your tasting notes, and return to www.roastbox.co.uk to learn more. Find brewing tips and video tutorials to get the best out of your roast. The more you discover, the greater your daily coffee satisfaction… “Life’s too short for bad coffee!”

Maybe the coffee is better than you thought an your starting to run low! No problem. Log in to ‘MY ACCOUNT’ and click “TOP ME UP” to order an extra full bag of your favourite roast. This will not affect your monthly subscription and will include free shipping.

Once you’ve experienced each unique coffee, you’ll undoubtedly have a favourite. You can fix this by getting repeat orders of the same roaster each month. Just log in to ‘MY ACCOUNT’ and select “FIX MY ROAST” to pick your favourite roaster and get repeat subscription for the remainder of your subscription period.

You can click “Top-Me-Up” to pick up a full-sized bag with free shipping from our online shop to cover you for the rest of the month until it’s time to discover your next roast(s).

With your initial order you will receive a kit full of all the essentials that you will need to make great coffee at home. We think the starter kits make a great gift for coffee-lovers, so we will give you the option to purchase a one-off Roastbox or kit for a gift.